Township Assessor


Heather L. Hoffman


Phone:   616-987-0067




Address:  PO Box 175, Lowell MI 49331-0175

Hours:  By Appointment Only

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Assessing information is available at the Ionia County website by clicking the link below


Ionia County parcel information


Ionia County assessing and taxing information and forms  from the Ionia County Equalization department is available by clicking the link below


Ionia County Equalization


Field Review Notice



Over the summers and fall months, the Assessor from Danby Township, along with a member of her staff, will be conducting property field reviews.  They will be measuring all buildings, porches, decks and driveways.   The State of Michigan requires that every Township keep updated and accurate records of all property.  Townships are recommended to visit 20% of their properties every year. These field reviews are a critical component in calculating a fair, accurate and up-to-date value of each and every property. You will notice our crew as they will carry identification, measuring tools, a camera and a clip board.  They will knock at your door to request to review your property.


PLEASE NOTE: A field review notice postcard is mailed to each property owner that is part of the review in each year. 


Did You Know???


  • Annual changes of assessment are based on sales in your neighborhood. Neighborhoods are set using properties that share similar characteristics.

  • Your taxable value can never exceed your assessed value.

  • Principal Residence Exemptions that are in effect January 1 each year stay in effect for the calendar year.

  • The June 1 and November 1 filing deadlines for Principal Residence Exemptions apply to new applications only. You do not need to reapply each year.

  • The assessor is not permitted by State Law to set your new assessment at one half of your purchase price.

  • It is your responsibility as a taxpayer to review your property record card periodically to be sure you agree with all the information that is currently on record.

  • It is your responsibility to look at your assessment notice that is mailed out at the end of February every year. 

  • Property Field Reviews performed by the assessor and staff are a critical component in calculating a fair, accurate and up-to-date value of each and every property.


FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions   (Click FAQ's to link document)