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Township Fire and Ambulance Information



Click the link below for the Fire Districts.



Fire District Map






·         Danby Township provides fire, first responder, and ambulance services for its residents through a combination of contractual agreements and authority arrangements.  Danby has historically had challenges in providing these services due to the Charlotte Highway and Kent Street bridges and load restrictions.  The agreements put in place to provide services have not changed since the bridges have been replaced.


·         Portland Fire District No. 3 covers all township property north of the Charlotte Highway bridge on the east to everything north of Emery on the west.  This is a contracted service agreement with the city of Portland with no township ownership of equipment.  Fire service rates are based on a three years average of the number of runs per year and the actual cost of the service.  For the current year, we are collecting  .8 mills to pay for fire and first responder service. Portland Fire Department is a volunteer department with many city employees on staff.  They can be reached at Portland Fire 517-647-4111 or 911.


·         Roxand Township Fire District No.1 covers all township property south of the Charlotte Highway bridge to Murtha Road on the west.  This is also a contracted service agreement with Roxand Township in Eaton County.  Danby Township has no ownership of equipment.  Fire service rates are set by Roxand Township and are meant to pay for the cost to run the department and purchase equipment.  The 2009 millage rate was lowered to 2.0 mills from the 2.5 mills previously requested.  Roxand Township Fire Department is also a volunteer department and provides first responder services.  They can be reached at Roxand Fire 517 649-8332 or 911.  The fire barn is located in the village of Mulliken in Eaton County.


·         Sunfield, Sebewa, and Danby District No. 2  covers southwest Danby Township from Murtha to Keefer and north to Emery.  This department is a Fire Authority and is owned jointly by the 3 entities (Sebewa Township, Danby Township and the village of Sunfield).  Danby Township residents residing in this fire district pay an established millage determined jointly by the fire board in order to cover the costs of running the department and purchasing and replacing equipment.   The 2009 millage rate for fire and first responder service is 2.0 mills.  Sunfield Sebewa Danby is a volunteer fire department with many dedicated members.  They can be reached at Sunfield, Sebewa & Danby Fire 517-566-8872 or 911.  The fire barn is located in the village of Sunfield in Eaton County.


Ambulance Service throughout the township is provided by the City of Portland.  The township pays the city a fee per person for this service.  Everything is handled by the city and they have a good service record in the township.  They can be reached at 911 in case of emergency.



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